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Aesthetic Acupuncture is a safe and holistic treatment that will address skin concerns as well as identify any underlying problems of premature aging.  It combines different factors that act on the skin from a cellular level. The session involves the integration of Chinese Medicine with modern western modalities for the purpose of facial balance. You have not experienced a cosmetic facial like this before. The Synergy Facial will leave you looking younger and healthier.

Insertion of fine acupuncture needles simulates the skin cells to turn over; triggers the production of collagen and elastin while relaxing the connective tissue between the skin and muscles. The needles are inserted in specific locations to help the facial muscles that are tight to relax, as well as activate the muscles that have weakened, causing the face to sag and droop.

Low level light therapy is added to offer your skin an additional touch of health and youth. Light therapy involves having low-power red and blue light wavelengths emitted directly through the skin. This process cannot be felt. The light is absorbed into the skin to a depth of about 8 to 10 millimeters, at which point it has positive effects on cellular energy (ATP), the nervous system and metabolic processes. Low level light therapy increases blood circulation, helping to bring more oxygen and nutrients to the tissues and cells. It improves natural collagen and fibroblasts production, two components that are important in a youthful skin appearance. Tissues are repaired, and natural healing is achieved, as well as a lowering of oxidative stress, something highly associated with the aging process.

The session also includes specialized microcurrent treatment through a hydrogel mask.  A microcurrent treatment mirrors your own body’s natural bioelectric output, a healing energy to the body. This current triggers the body’s production of amino acids and adenosine triphosphate (ATP), accelerates cell repair and promotes healthier cell production. Microcurrent facials act like a “facial workout”, and a form of muscular re-education for the face. Several frequencies are used. One frequency relaxes the muscles that have tightened on the face causing winkles. One tones and strengthens the muscles that have weakened causing the face to sag. Another frequency is used to simultaneously repair the production of collagen in the dermis, the deepest layer of your skin, while gently erasing signs of aging in the epidermis, the top layer of your skin.

The session then concludes with gentle facial cupping which improves circulation, elasticity, reduces puffiness and softens lines and winkles. Throughout the session various natural serums and repair creams are applied based on unique formulas personally shared by renowned New York Aesthetic Acupuncturist, Travall Croom, creator of the Synergy Facial.

Note: This facial is also available using micropoint stimulation (non-needle techniques) instead of acupuncture.

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